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Basic Life Support and AED


Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) or more commonly known as “defibs” are now becoming more common throughout a range of public and workplaces. 


A casualty’s survival rate will dramatically increase if an AED is available, and have appropriately qualified personnel to administer it.


This very practical course will enable you learners to use the AED with confidence. Not only does this course deal with the use of an AED but it includes vital training in resuscitation and choking procedures.


• An introduction to defibrillation
• Responsibilities
• Action in an emergency
• Primary survey
• Secondary assessment
• The respiratory system
• Resuscitation
• Choking
• AED functions
• Defibrillation with an AED
• Paediatric defibrillation
• Safety measures
• Recovery position for adult, child and infant

cpr fife first aid training

England, Wales and NI


Level 5 Award in BLS & AED fife first aid training

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3 Years